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What is the Sapphire Cloud?

The Sapphire Cloud is where your Sapphire controllers are connected for easy, convenient remote management. Link4’s Sapphire cloud is a centralized internet database that allows you to monitor and control all your Sapphire controllers from a remote device.

Other benefits of the cloud are that you can continuously store and access important data for analysis and reporting so you can go back and investigate that data to analyze your crop’s performance.  Through the cloud, your device will send you notifications (emails/text messages) of non-operational conditions providing you comfort when you are away.

Rest assured, the connection and database are completely secured. No unauthorized access will be granted.

Access Specific for Your Needs

Choose one of three levels to receive the proper access and features for your operation. The levels range from read only access up to control capabilities and advanced reporting. More information about the Cloud levels.


All you need is internet access that can be connected to your controller. Once connected you will choose a subscription level, authorize your account, and assign users. It’s that simple.

About the Sapphire Irrigation Controller

The Sapphire is a commercial irrigation controller that is ideal for applications requiring misting, flood, drip or standard irrigation.

The controller comes with 8-outputs and provides cloud monitoring and control. Easy to install and program, this controller allows the grower the flexibility of utilizing different irrigation methods with one controller. More information about the Sapphire Controller.

Getting Started

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  2. Set up a company profile (video)
  3. Manage users (video)
  4. Manage controllers (video)
  5. Manage access (video)

Get more details on setting up your devices to the cloud.

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